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1434 Beat Meeting Recap (Armitage/Wood/North/Rockwell)

There were 6 robberies in this two month period, which is down one from the previous period. Most of them happened between 1am-7am. Of the 14 burglaries that occurred, almost all were to businesses. A person was arrested in one of these business burglaries. Of the ones that happened to residences, one person was apprehended who committed two burglaries on the same day in this beat, and is suspected in a third. One of the residential burglaries was to an unlocked house- make sure your door is always locked, even when you’re at home. There was an increase in motor vehicle thefts, most of which were to Hyundais and Kias; if you have one of these and haven’t gotten the software update yet, please make sure to do so. The 14th District is also still giving out clubs to prevent car thefts.


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