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Alley and Street Resurfacing Schedule

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is scheduled to initiate the following alley and street resurfacing projects over the next several days. The schedule is an estimate, as factors such as weather and equipment failures can cause delays.

Please note that CDOT does not close streets and alleys for an extended period during the resurfacing process. Once a street or alley is ground or milled--a process where the top inch or so of paving material is removed--there is typically a two or three week period during which the department inspects and conducts any adjustments or repairs to the roadway and/or infrastructure such as catch basins. Constituents should expect periodic parking restrictions during the resurfacing process to allow for equipment access and repairs.

When the resurfacing is done with asphalt, which is typically the case, the surface is driveable shortly thereafter. Consequently, CDOT does not close streets or alleys for an extended period during the asphalt resurfacing process.

Alleys Grind Date

Belmont/Southport/Greenview/Fletcher 6/8/2023

Melrose/Oakley/Belmont/Western 6/8/2023

Barry/Leavitt/Clybourn 6/9/2023

Homer/Damen/Cortland/Hoyne 6/9/2023


Avondale/Lyndale/Hamilton 6/9/2023



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