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Area 5 CPD Brief

Some of you have asked about the status of the Shotspotter contract and at this time we do not have an update. We have done some background work on the contract and there is no question that such an ordinance or order is legal. The legality of the alderman demanding that the tool continue to be used in wards that need it versus the mayor canning the whole system is binding and there is legal precedent for such a ordinance. We will have to wait and see what direction that shotspotter contract goes. 

This week, I met with the Area 5 command staff to discuss crime and the police response in Area 5, which includes the 14th police district. This CPD area includes about a dozen wards and the portion of the 32nd Ward represented by Bucktown & Wicker Park. Crime incidents in Area 5 are up this year versus last year for crimes involving shootings, robberies, vehicular, hijackings, and aggravated batteries. They are down for motor vehicle theft, burglary, and felony theft. Area 5 officers and detectives continue to work hard on making arrests on all of these different crimes. Arrests for theft, aggravated battery, and robberies are up, but are obviously dependent on State's Attorney prosecution and the judiciary to take the final steps of accountability at the county level. 

Detectives praised a resident of the Bucktown Neighborhood Watch as being very helpful in quickly providing camera footage that has led to an arrest in a recent armed robbery. They will be providing details on that arrest next week as they put together their full case. Detectives have also been working on the major armed robbery crews that have been hitting the entire north side and other parts of the city. It has taken close to a year to get a break in a major robbery gang with the direct assistance of the ATF. We will continue to strongly encourage the federal authorities to assist on these major crimes in order to get convictions that are meaningful, as opposed to slaps on the wrist with time served. 

CPD is also preparing for the upcoming Puerto Rican fest in Humboldt Park- June 6-9. The 14th District has assured us that they will have the resources necessary to deal with any of the issues that typically arise outside of the actual fest on that weekend. They often have to deal with caravans of drivers and they will be prepared to assist where they can to make sure that the community remains safe as the festival takes place. 


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