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Beat 1931 Updates

19th District officers were happy to report to the group (mostly Lathrop senior citizens, residents, and nearby neighbors) that there have been no robberies in the past two months- let's hope that holds. However, three of the six burglaries committed were due to the property being unlocked- 2 of these were garages, 1 was an apartment that had the key under the mat; of the other three, two were businesses. Of the 72 thefts, the large majority of these were retail thefts, largely at the Riverpoint Center shopping mall.

Motor vehicle thefts are down 100+ districtwide from last year. Included in the 13 motor vehicle thefts in this period was an attempt at Wolcott and Wellington, where 4 vehicles were loitering and drove off when they saw the police; the police believe they may have had a key/fob cloning device (if a car blinks/responds to a signal, they take it). The 19th District is still giving out steering wheel locks at the station, especially for Kia and Hyundai vehicle owners. A couple of catalytic converters were stolen as well as one license plate- make sure your license plate is there and make a police report if it’s missing to prevent getting tickets in your name.  

Most of the residents in attendance were from Lathrop Homes. One issue that they brought up was people on motorcycles blocking the walkway from Lathrop to the shopping center at various hours; CPD will speak with CHA security regarding this for patrols. 911 has also been called regarding taggers on the south side of Diversey, including 18 taggers out at one time. We have had a hard time getting CHA and their security to prevent this tagging, but will keep on them to provide required patrols. Costco security has also been informed and has been helpful on checking the walk path and areas near the river. If you see any activity in this area, please report details to the police.


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