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Bucktown Neighborhood & Garden Walk

The Bucktown Garden Walk & Block Party is now the Bucktown Neighborhood & Garden Walk, brought to you by Jeff Lowe of Compass Realty. Join them on July 11 & 12 (and any time afterwards) for a self-guided, COVID-19 socially responsible tour and celebration of all things Bucktown. They will provide an online map and downloadable guide of public art, landmarks, schools, churches, parks, and other notable places. They have over 50 gardens signed up which will highlight parkways and anything seen from the sidewalk. Also check out their “Garden Happenings” which will be musicians playing porch concerts throughout the weekend. Masks and social distancing required; donation for participation is encouraged. A special thanks goes to Kim Kozimor, Sam Marts, Aaron Blanke, Jennifer Ackerman, and Steve Jensen; these incredible volunteers made this event happen in the toughest of times. Go to for more information. For any general questions regarding the event, please contact



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