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Camera Registration Program

The City of Chicago has launched a free and voluntary camera registration program open to anyone who lives or operates a business in Chicago. Starting April 4, individuals who have a private security camera that captures the public way can register its location with the Chicago Police Department to help solve crime faster. The City is in the process of preparing the Request for Proposals and will release the name of the vendor once chosen through the procurement process.

Signing up for the City's camera program holds a number of benefits, including:

  • strengthening communication between residents and detectives

  • streamlining data and evidence collection in the event of a crime

  • identifying suspects when there are no witnesses

When you register the location of your camera, you simply allow the Chicago Police Department to contact you if a crime occurs on your block.

  • CPD will not have direct access to your camera system.

  • CPD cannot access camera footage without your consent.

  • There is no requirement to provide footage to CPD at any time.

To ensure that Chicagoans have access to the tools needed to protect their property, the City of Chicago will soon launch a Home and Business Protection Rebate program that will provide rebates up to certain limits that cover the costs of outdoor security cameras, one year of cloud storage for video footage, outdoor motion sensor lighting, and vehicle GPS trackers. Additional details on eligibility and reimbursement will become available when the program launches.

To learn more and register the location of any existing cameras, please visit



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