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CCHR Releases Hate Crimes/Hate Incidents Report

The Chicago Commission on Human Relations (CCHR), has released their annual report. We have worked closely with Commissioner Nancy Andrade and her staff over the past several years to address many of the issues in this report and want to thank her staff for their assistance on addressing the issues in our ward. CCHR is also part of the group effort to address the concerns with the escalation of hate incidents throughout the city and Evanston. The report outlines the City’s initiatives for addressing the problem of hate crimes and hate incidents.

The data in the report is organized by community area, bias motivation, type of incident, and disposition (to the extent known). It also requires CCHR to provide an overview of hate crimes and hate incidents from local, regional, and national perspectives; an overview of CCHR’s activities regarding hate crimes and hate incidents; plus, any findings and recommendations to reduce or eliminate hate crimes and hate incidents.

We encourage residents or businesses to continue to report to 311, CPD, CCHR, and our office instances of hate crimes or incidents so we may address the problems. These hate incidents may be in the form of graffiti tagging, posters, direct attacks, and more. City officials, including appointees and elected officials, are not immune from the law on these incidents, and complaints made be made to 311, or the Office of the Inspector General.


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