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Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Plan to Return in Fall on Hybrid Model - TAKE the Parent SURVEY

Today, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and CPS CEO Janice Jackson announced plans for reopening schools in the fall. This is a "preliminary framework" and is subject to change at anytime based on the COVID19 data. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Students from kindergarten through tenth grade will learn under a hybrid model where they are in classrooms a couple of days and remote learning other days

  • High school juniors and seniors will solely use remote learning, which helps free up space in the schools

  • Preschoolers and those with special needs will be in class full-time

  • Students will be put in groups of 15, stay in same classroom all day with desks six feet away

  • Each "pod" will have designated bathrooms and designated bathroom times to wash hands

  • Entry into school and leaving school will be staggered

  • There will be daily temperature checks, universal masking, and routine cleaning with the help of 400 new janitors

  • Families with students of all ages will be allowed to opt out of in-person schooling for any reason

  • City officials are asking parents to set the example for returning to school such as emphasizing the importance of social distancing, masks, and hand washing at home

These decisions were made with the assistance of a task force created by CPS comprised of parents, students, public health officials, and input from other cities.

To read the full plan from CPS, click here & Spanish here. CPS is still taking input from parents of CPS and are asking parents to fill in this survey to help make changes to the preliminary plan.



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