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Chicago Rents Seeks Landlords

Chicago Rents is a new initiative led by All Chicago to recruit and support landlord partners to fill their units with a purpose. They partner with homeless service providers throughout Chicago to support tenants in housing. They serve as the connector of landlords, people in need of homes, rental subsidies, and housing support case managers.

Chicago is leveraging all available federal stimulus funding to ensure that Chicagoans who are disproportionately likely to suffer dire consequences because of COVID-19 are able to shelter in long-term stable housing. The goal of this program is to house more 1,250 households in the next year. By partnering with Chicago Rents you can receive financial incentives, free advertising, tenant case management, and timely payments, all while contributing to ending homelessness in your community. Each household receives supportive services from trained staff, laying the foundation for a positive tenant-landlord relationship. There is a high demand for studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. If you have or know someone who has vacant and available housing units, please visit All Chicago’s website to learn more about the Chicago Rents program at



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