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Citywide Service Line Look-Up

The Department of Water Management has developed and launched a citywide lead service line inventory that makes it possible for you to look up your property and learn whether or not you have a lead service line.

Click here and enter your address. If there is a record of your line, you will receive one of the following results:

Not Lead- The building does not have a lead service line.

Lead- The building has a confirmed lead service line.

Galvanized Requiring Replacement- The building has a confirmed galvanized iron service which will require replacement.

Suspected Lead- We currently do not have a record indicating your service line material, though we suspect the service line to be lead. This determination is based on the size and age of your property.

Having a lead service line does not automatically mean you have elevated levels of lead in the water. DWM adds corrosion control to the water to help prevent lead from leaching into the water. Each house has different test results based on factors such as water usage (which refreshes the corrosion control coating in your pipes), interior plumbing, and previous periods of vacancy. To check the levels of lead in your water, call 311 for free water testing.

It's easy to identify your service line material and share your results for inclusion in the inventory.

For more information on lead in water and lead service line replacement programs, visit



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