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Climate Change and Storm Water

Even though it’s winter, we are seeing weather conditions that can lead to flooding. No longer just a problem in spring, the Department of Water Management encourages residents to assist in reducing excess water from reaching the sewer system. Community-wide efforts can greatly decrease the impact of neighborhood flooding and the extent of basement backups by taking the following steps:

  • Do not dump fats/oils/greases in private drains or public catch basins in the street.

  • Avoid running a dishwasher or washing machine during storms or when snow is melting quickly.

  • Disconnect downspout connections from the sewer system. Make sure to direct flow to areas with permeable surfaces that can properly absorb the stormwater or use rain barrels to collect the rain directly from the downspouts.

  • Install rain gardens, green landscaping, or stormwater trees with large canopies in your yard to help retain rainwater.

  • Resurface driveways, parking pads, or patios with permeable pavement.

Additional information can be found here.



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