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Dibs: Love Them or Hate Them, They Have To Go

Given the melting snow and extensive snow removal efforts that have taken place over the past weeks, Streets and Sans crews will begin clearing objects used by residents to hold shoveled parking spaces, also known as “Dibs,” beginning Tuesday, March 2, 2021. Crews will pick up any unclaimed items along their daily garbage collection routes, with special attention given to address all 3-1-1 complaints.

Residents are encouraged to remove their street furniture now and clean up the streets.

In addition to the Department's street clearing efforts, crews continue daily work to collect garbage and recycling. Garbage collection remains delayed across the city due to the heavy snowfall experienced over the last week. Streets and Sans crews worked extended hours last week (including Saturday) and will continue to work extended hours throughout this week. Residents are advised to treat response times as they would during a holiday week and keep their carts out and ready for pick up. The same will be true for next week, given that Monday is a City holiday. Please also make sure that your carts are free of snow so that crews can access them.



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