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Grants for Small Non-Profit Organizations to Provide Food & Housing Assistance

A grant program to help small non-profit organizations provide food and housing assistance is accepting applications for the grant cycle of July 1-Sept. 30.

This cycle of the Charitable Trust Stabilization Fund emphasizes food and housing assistance because the COVID‑19 pandemic has hurt so many working families and non-profits.

Charitable Trust assists small non-profits with annual budgets of $1 million or less. Money comes from filing fees non-profits pay when incorporating in Illinois, not personal or property tax dollars.

Grants of up to $12,500 are available from a pool of $375,000. An 11-member board will choose awardees and provide oversight. Previous grant recipients are eligible if the term of their grant has been complete for at least one calendar year.

Visit here to apply or call (217) 836-4590.

Since 2017, Charitable Trust has provided more than $2.2 million to 100 non-profits.



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