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Have You Filled Out the Census Yet?

Why the Census Matters:

  • Based off of census results, billions of dollars in federal funding go to:

  • Healthcare- Hospitals, health clinics, fire departments, programs for the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, Medicaid, Medicare Part B

  • Education- Schools, school lunch programs, grants that support teachers and special education, Pell Grants, Head Start, planning and funding for employment and training

  • Infrastructure- roads, grants for buses, subways, and other public transit systems

  • An accurate census ensures equal political representation. Census results are used to determine how many seats each state gets in the House of Representatives, and to redraw the boundaries of congressional, state, and municipal districts.

How is the 32nd Ward doing with census results?

Currently, approximately 10,000 households in the 32nd Ward still have not filled out their census.  For every additional person counted in Chicago, residents stand to gain approximately $1,400 that could be used towards parks, schools, and infrastructure, so please make sure to fill out your census today!

  • Top three responding neighborhoods in the 32nd Ward:

  • Roscoe Village (Ravenswood to Damen, Addison to Roscoe) - 75.1%

  • Hamlin Park (Ravenswood to Damen, Belmont to Diversey) - 70.8%

  • South Lakeview (Ashland to Ravenswood, Belmont to Diversey) - 69.3%

  • Lowest three responding neighborhoods in the 32nd Ward:

  • Lincoln Park (Ashland to the river, Diversey to Fullerton) – 49.3%

  • Hamlin Park (Damen to Leavitt, Belmont to Diversey) – 53.1%

  • Palmer Square (Fullerton to Armitage, Kedzie to Spaulding) – 56.4%

How do I fill out the Census?

Online , phone (844-330-2020), or mail (send in the paper form you received in the mail).



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