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Infrastructure Updates Week 6/6/2022

Armitage Water Main Project Armitage, Western to Kedzie- All water services have been transferred from the old water main to the new water main between Kedzie and California. Restoration work has begun between Kedzie and Humboldt. The full closure of Armitage EASTBOUND will continue this week.

California Water Main Project Update All dry pipe has been completed from Diversey to Fullerton. Water service transfers from Diversey to Logan have been ongoing this week and will continue next week. Testing and disinfection from Logan to Fullerton is ongoing (pressure test completed, chlorination scheduled for next week). Next week, they will also complete disinfection (chlorination) from Logan to Fullerton. Southbound traffic lanes are closed during construction from 9am-4pm. An open lane in each direction is available on the existing northbound lanes during construction (Diversey to Logan).

The contractor is sweeping and cleaning up site at the end of each day and placing temporary pavement within driving lanes. Should you have any questions or concerns, you can either ask the construction foreman during the project, or call any of the following numbers:

  • 24-Hour Service and Information Line: 311

  • DWM Office of Public Affairs: 312-744-6635

  • 32nd Ward Office: 773-248-1330

If you would like to receive regular email updates about the progress of these projects, please go to to register for project notifications. Simply enter your name, email address, and the project identification number (1901060).

Resurfacing: Diversey from Central Park to California Construction on Diversey from Central Park to California is tentatively scheduled to begin on May 23, 2022, pending clearance from and coordination with existing utilities, and is weather permitting. The work will include ADA sidewalk improvements, curb and gutter removal and replacement as needed for ADA and drainage compliance, pavement patching, milling and paving the existing asphalt pavement, concrete bus pads, and striping. During construction, temporary “No Parking” signs will be periodically installed as required for each activity listed above. These temporary signs will restrict parking during working hours, while adhering to rush hour restrictions, for the completion of the work. All work on this corridor is scheduled to be completed August 15, 2022.

Lincoln Belmont Streetscape Improvements Final Stages of Implementation The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), in coordination with Aldermen in the 32nd, 44th and 47th Wards, is starting the final stages of the reconstruction of Lincoln, Ashland and Belmont. Thanks to the South Lakeview Neighbors, residents and businesses for years of input and patience as we planned, and secured funding to take this final step to finish the project. Flyers will be going out door to door with the information below. There is contact info included at the bottom of the flyers but feel free to reach out if there are any issues. We will be working with contractors to try to minimize any impact on Lincoln and adjacent streets but construction does require parking and access changes that may make it more difficult to get around Lincoln. When crews are not working in construction zones, residents or customers will park on the street, but make sure your vehicle is moved in time for crews to do work during scheduled hours. Improvements include new sidewalks, new traffic signals, no new polka dots, new benches, trees, and lighting among other enhancements for Lakeview.



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