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Lakeview Roscoe Village Restaurants: Sign Up for Restaurant Week Taking Place April 9 - 18, 2021!

Restaurants will offer special prix fixe menus available for takeout or dine-in (if applicable based on city guidelines) for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. The price tiers will be $15 or $25 for breakfast/lunch and $30 or $40 for dinner. The prix fixe menus must be a multi-course meal. You can also provide a Family Dinner prix fixe menu for four at the $45 or $55 price tier.

This year, Lakeview Roscoe Village Restaurant Week is adding a give back element where a restaurant can choose to partner with either Lakeview Pantry or Common Pantry. $3 will be added to each prix fixe menu order for the customer to pay to be donated to the restaurant's nonprofit partner. The restaurant is responsible for making the donation to the nonprofit and will confirm their final donation amount to report back to the community with the total amount donated from this event.

There is a $25 fee to participate and being managed by the Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce, which will go towards marketing the program. Sign up by Friday, Feb. 19.



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