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NEW RULES- City Council Meetings

Last week, I shared my position on the new rules changes to the City Council. Yesterday, long time council attendee George Blakemore was removed for becoming upset when Chairman Vasquez of the Immigration Committee ruled that the audience in the committee would only be allowed one minute to speak. Several years ago, some of us in the City Council took action to make sure there was a public speaking period, and we agreed at that time that three minutes per speaker was appropriate despite strong opposition.

According to the Attorney General of IL via Municipal

Minute 10/16/16: A public body can restrict the time for public comment per speaker. For example, a 3 minute per speaker time limit for public comment is acceptable. (2011 PAC 17388). This latest version has been criticized by good government groups and defy the rules we voted on several years ago.

The latest version of rules ordered by City Hall have been made public and are listed below



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