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New Tree Plantings & Maintenance of Chicago Trees

Our 32nd Ward has always promoted the building up of our tree canopy and we have added hundreds of trees over the past few years with many more to come.

We encourage you to plant a new tree in your parkway if you don't have one, or if you needed to have one replaced due to tree disease or other issues. Call our office to request a tree, or enter a request in Chicago 311. More healthy trees lead to a more healthy community!

Not every location can have a tree planted due to utilities, but the Bureau of Forestry will be able to determine that when surveying a location.

As the recipient of a new city planted tree, you are encouraged to water and provide easy, basic care for the tree for several years after it is planted.

What value do trees bring to the City? Trees beautify blocks, increase property values, and cool and clean the air. The benefits of Chicago's street trees are invaluable.

The Friends of the Parks (FOTP) has a great guide for tree ownership in Chicago. Unfortunately, the City doesn't have such a manual for great tree growth and maintenance, but we are working on it. The FOTP guide is a great asset to have on hand with information about everything related to the tree canopy we need.

Also read up on our trees in this CRTI study via the Field Museum, and learn more about Openlands Treekeepers, Treeplanters Grants, and new entities at the City level like the Urban Forestry Advisory Board, that we hope will educate and transform the Bureau of Forestry in years to come.

Finally, dirt and mulch piled high around trees is a tree killer. Mulch around trees needs to be done properly. Too many landscapers pile up dirt and mulch around tree bases, trapping too much moisture at the base. Here's the right way to do it. Also, make sure that the mulch cannot run off into the street, as this will clog the sewers.



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