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Note from Alderman

In observation of Lincoln's Birthday and President's Day, City offices including the 32nd Ward office will be closed on Monday, February 15th. Last week we mentioned that waste removal would be delayed, but would like to make a correction. Garbage and recycling service should be on schedule minus any delays because of snow issues.

Because of the heavy snow fall, some cars are parked far from the curbs making snowplow maneuvering more challenging. As for garbage carts, many carts are covered and trapped in snow. Residents should help garbage crews by making sure their carts are free of snow and that crew members can access the carts. Crews in many cases were only able to pull out trash due to iced in cans. Please make sure any snow crews clearing private associations or facilities do not plow snow into neighboring garages and blocking access. It is the responsibility of residents to provide access to garbage carts. We appreciate it and the sanitation and recycling crews thank you in advance!

Nancy Andrade was nominated to lead the Chicago Commission on Human Relations this week. Ms. Andrade, who brings years of experience with the City as a legal advocate, will oversee operations of the Commission, which has been the task for Acting Commissioner Kenneth Gunn. The Commission investigates complaints to determine whether discrimination may have occurred, and uses its enforcement powers to punish acts of discrimination. Additionally, the Council Committee on Human Relations appointed several new members to lea the City Advisory Board on Veterans, and New Americans.

The Committee also amended the code regulating the Chicago Board of Public Health. The outdated Board was created in 1830 to fight cholera outbreaks and has needed an update to rules for decades. The Board will also see a new infusion of members with different types of medical experience and staggered terms for the first time. New members will allow for more expertise in areas of mental health and new public health concerns and act as advisors to the Chicago Dept. of Public Health.

Lastly, please note that there is no service for mail on Monday, February 15th. Please also note that Postal Service has been experiencing a number of challenges the last few months. There has been an increase in mail and packages because of COVID-19 (i.e. during the holidays when folks would normally visit to deliver gifts), a shortage in staff due to illness, and of course the recent snow accumulation. It is important to note that because of these things, the mail is behind and they encourage customers that have a concern with their mail delivery, questions about specific pieces of mail, and or other service issues to contact their local Postal station or Consumer Affairs office at 312-983-8403. We have also been working with Congressman Quigley's office on USPS issues across the ward and Northside. Additional inquiries about Congress' role with the USPS can be made via the Congressman's local office at 773-267-5926. We will continue to share constituent concerns with the 5th District and the regional USPS inspectors to help ensure more timely delivery of mail.

Alderman Scott Waguespack



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