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Note from the Alderman

Updated: Aug 12, 2020


The City of Chicago released the advisory plan from the COVID-19 Recovery Task Force, which was established in April to advise city government as recovery planning efforts were underway amidst COVID-19. Task Force members assembled a change study and an advisory report  to provide critical insights to help Mayor Lightfoot as her administration works to bring Chicagoland out of the COVID–19 crisis. The task force also included many suburban leaders, labor and business organizations. The focus of the advisory task force was to work on the challenges the city faces in the form of structural inequities and how to move Chicago ahead on these inequities post COVID-19.

This week, the CDPH Director Allison Arwady also discussed the increase in COVID cases among Chicago's younger population of 18-29 in neighborhoods like Lincoln Park and New City. It cannot be underscored enough how important it is to try to continue wearing a mask outside, especially when at a store, restaurant, the Lakefront of 606 trails or anywhere there are people in larger numbers. While Chicago's overall increase of positive cases was 4.8 percent, people age 18-29 have experienced a 6 percent increase in COVID-19 cases. You can view the most recent datasets here in the CDPH Coronavirus dashboard.

While wearing a mask, visit your local neighborhood businesses this weekend as neighborhoods try some new methods of eating- try the Roscoe Street(ery) and Dine IN Lakeview for starters. See more details below to help your local businesses keep their doors open in these difficult times.

Have a good weekend,

Scott Waguespack, Alderman



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