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Note from the Alderman


In response to a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases in Chicago, the City is reinstating  certain COVID-19 restrictions  that will go into effect today Friday, July 24th, and apply to businesses such as bars, restaurants, gyms, and personal services. Below is a summary of these restrictions:

  • Bars, breweries, and other businesses that serve alcohol to be consumed on-site and do not have a Retail Food license cannot serve customers indoors but may continue serving customers outdoors.

  • Restaurants that serve alcohol may continue operating indoors as long as they comply with current public health guidelines. Establishments without food may still provide outdoor service as they did under phase three.

  • Maximum party size at tables will be reduced to 6 people.

  • A maximum of 10 people will be allowed in indoor fitness classes.

  • Personal services that do not allow for mask wearing will not be permitted (ex. facials, shaves, etc.)

  • Residential property managers must restrict guest entry to 5 people per unit to prevent indoor gatherings and parties.

Throughout the pandemic, data has guided every move made by the City. The recent uptick in cases as well as surging COVID-19 activity in other states around the country is cause for concern and motivated this move to dial back reopening in certain high-risk environments. Chicago has moved from a moderate-high to a high incidence rate of new COVID-19 cases under Centers for Disease Control guidelines after topping 200 cases per day on a 7-day rolling average. As of July 23rd, that number was 212. That increase has been driven in part by rising cases among young people 18-29 years old as the city has seen more social activity and interactions in bars, restaurants, parks, and the lakefront. The City will continue to assess the data daily and make other adjustments as needed to protect the progress Chicago has made thus far. 

While people are encouraged to create a bubble of not more than 10 people that they have close contact with, they need to do so smartly and avoid “bubble trouble.” If a member of your bubble is not following guidance, they are putting you and others at risk. Learn how to protect yourself and others at .

Please wear a mask to protect everyone.

Scott Waguespack, Alderman



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