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Please Leash your Dogs

We have received several complaints about off leash dogs. Just a reminder- Dogs are not allowed off leash in playlots, parks, or on the sidewalk. The City of Chicago has a variety of dog friendly areas and parks throughout the city, where dogs are allowed to be off-leash free to play and run. The owner or other person bringing any dog to a dog friendly area or dog park must have a permit and tag issued by a participating veterinarian for each dog. As always, please make sure to always pick up after your dog. Dogs are also not allowed on school playgrounds. Dogs have been going onto school playground throughout the area and damaging new turf just recently installed on school grounds, so please keep them off.

The following dog parks are in or near the 32nd Ward and easily accessible:

Churchill Park – 1825 N Damen

Hamlin Park – 3035 N Hoyne

Park No. 556 – 2529 W Logan Blvd

Walsh Park – 1722 N Ashland

606 - Feel free to walk a dog on leash on the 606.



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