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Property Tax Appeals Deadlines for West Chicago and Lakeview Townships! Official Cook County Assessor Assessment & Appeal Calendar

Cook County follows a triennial reassessment cycle, meaning that a property is reassessed once every three years. A property's reassessment year depends on the township in which the property is located. To determine which township a property is located in, click here. 

In 2024, the City of Chicago will undergo reassessment and each property owner will be mailed a Reassessment Notice, which contains the property address, its characteristics, and its updated estimated Fair Market Value. Properties in the south, west, and north suburbs only undergo reassessment if there is a change due to division work, permit applications, or other special circumstances. A property owner has until the date listed under "last file date" to file an appeal if they choose to do so. The CCAO publishes residential and commercial valuation reports for each township as they are reassessed. To access these reports, visit 



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