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Receive Funding Support Through SSA 27 Rebate Programs

To help support businesses impacted by COVID-19, Special Service Area (SSA) 27 is offering several different rebates programs:

  • Digital Marketing Rebate Program

  • Health & Sanitation Rebate Program

  • Expanded Outdoor Seating Rebate Program

  • Winter Preparedness Rebate Program

  • Security Rebate Program

These rebates are available to properties located on the SSA 27 Corridors (noted below) and are intended to help SSA 27 businesses increase their digital marketing capabilities and winter operations while maintaining a clean and safe environment for their customers, employees, and community. All rebate programs may cover up to 50% of eligible costs, not to exceed a total of $500 per project (or $750 for the Winter Preparedness Rebate). Please email with any questions.

SSA 27 Service Area Corridors:

Southport Avenue (Byron to Belmont)

Lincoln Avenue (Addison to Diversey)

Ashland Avenue (Addison to Diversey)

Belmont Avenue (Ravenswood to Racine)



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