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Reminder: Ward Boundaries are Shifting!

Ward Boundaries Are Changing!

The Census is taken every ten years in an attempt to get an updated count of residents in an area. This information then is used by the Chicago City Council to redraw ward boundaries to reflect the population demonstrated in the data through a process called redistricting. In May of 2022, Chicago City Council approved a final version of the new ward map. This map will officially go into effect after this year's municipal election.

Please note that while you may currently be in the 32nd ward, you *may* be voting for a new Alderman in your new ward.

Click here to see the adopted city map.

Click here to find out if you will be in a new ward.

Click here for current ward information.

Click here for the official Board of Election maps for all 50 wards.

Board of Election- FIND YOUR VOTING INFO

New 32nd Ward Map Boundaries Below

Note New Precinct Boundaries

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