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Ride the Metra

With more vaccines in distribution, it’s time to reignite local businesses and bring Chicago back downtown. And when it’s that time for you, Metra is the right choice to get you to the places you love the most. Metra is going the extra mile to keep riders safe at the stations, on the platforms and onboard its trains by adopting the most stringent safety and cleaning protocols in the transportation industry.

Since the pandemic began, Metra has kept the trains running and has conducted over five million rides. Of those millions of rides, not one COVID-19 incidence has been linked to the trains through contact tracing. This is due to the continual improvements that have been implemented to further enhance safety like installing hand sanitizer dispensers on every train car and requiring masks or face coverings on board.

The agency recently announced the upgrading of its ventilation system with a three-stage filtration and purification process that uses ultraviolet light, electrical fields and strong filters to create the safest possible environment for riders. Riders can already breathe easy onboard, thanks to Hospital-grade MERV-13 air filters, replacing the air on cars every four minutes.

Learn more about all the ways Metra is improving rider safety and to see up-to-date details on schedules and alerts by visiting



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