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Street Sweeping Starts on April 1st

Street Sweepers are preparing to hit the streets this week and Bucktown/Wicker Park residents need to be prepared to move vehicles for the first spring cleaning of our streets.

If you have a chance, we ask that you do all you can to help remove large piles of winter garbage, leaves, and landscape debris from the curbs and sewers. If you do landscaping in the parkway, make sure wood chips and dirt do not enter the sewer system. The mix of mud, leaves, and other debris turns to concrete in the sewer and is the major cause of spring sewer backups and flooding of streets, so help us prevent that problem.

The dates for cleaning don't often change unless there is a mechanical problem for the sweepers, so please take note, send a note to your neighbors, and add these sweeping dates to your calendar. Watch for the orange sweeping signs as a reminder. The signs are often torn down or fall off, so continue to follow your block sweeping dates because you are still responsible for moving your car.

Please spread the word!



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