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Streets & Sanitation Update: Snow & Garbage Removal

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Below is an update from Streets and Sanitation concerning the recent snowfall. Please read and thank you in advance for your patience and assistance.

As you know, some areas of Chicago received almost 18 inches of snow yesterday and into this morning. We are anticipating another snow system that could produce an additional amount of snow throughout the day and into tomorrow morning. Streets and Sanitation (S&S) is focused on clearing the arterial roads to keep them safe and passable for emergency vehicles, buses and motorists, and anticipate we will be able to fully transition to the residential streets this evening.

In order to help effectively clear the streets as quickly as possible, property owners should try to shovel snow up onto parkways and make sure cars are not blocking school lanes, or too far in the street preventing plows from passing. Businesses should designate a few spots in their parking lots for the snow instead of pushing it back onto the street. There is a lot of snow, but the crews are doing their best to relocate it and it will take time to plow and navigate.

Relocating Snow

With all of the snow on the ground after the storm last night, crews in every ward are removing and relocating snow to predetermined City-owned lots. Snow around our schools, hospitals, fire stations, and police stations is prioritized for removal and crews are now working their way through the streets. Additional snow removal equipment is being used to help and adjustments in the process will be made as crews work through this incredible snowfall.

Please be careful with children playing around large piles of snow. Crews may be moving snow piles with large equipment and piles do create dangerous lines of sight for drivers.

Recycling and Garbage

Residents can expect delays in recycling and garbage this week. Garbage trucks will work on tracking alleys and resuming alley service. The city does not plow alleys but will work to clear alley mouths. It is also the responsibility of residents to keep their garbage cans accessible for pick up. Please note that if S&S workers cannot access the cans, they will not be able to empty them and only top them off. Clearing cans of snow for access helps workers get it done safer and faster.

Private companies using plows should not be plowing snow into other neighbors properties or onto garages. We have had many private companies plowing in residents and causing dangerous situations for residents and especially those who need access to the alley. If you use a private firm to do plowing, please make sure they are properly moving snow.

If you can, help a neighbor with the snow shoveling effort and take a minute to look out for seniors or disabled neighbors who may be in need of assistance.

Thanks, and please be patient and be careful.

Ald. Scott Waguespack



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