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UPDATE 7/21/22: Dinner & A Movie, 2500 N. Ashland

This post is to provide you with an update concerning Dinner and a Movie, located at 2500 N. Ashland.

In April, the Mayor's License Discipline Committee began its hearings to address issues stemming from Dinner and a Movie. There were three hearing dates (April 4, April 25, and May 16). There was testimony from City officials, police officers, residents, and the owner of the business, Rashad Bailey. There was also significant evidence produced by the City on the nuisance violations. At the conclusion of the hearings, the City argued that the liquor license should be revoked and Mr. Bailey's lawyer argued that it was unreasonable. The next step was for the judge to review the evidence and testimony in order to submit his opinion to the Local Liquor Commissioner Shannon Trotter for final decision. The judge stated that he would likely take all available time to review the evidence and testimony.

Once we have that final decision is made on the public nuisance ordinance, we will update the neighbors immediately.

Throughout this period, the City has monitored all issues and has filed a second case against Dinner and a Movie for license violations. To be clear, the hearing that we've recently been through was focused on whether the business is a Public Nuisance. The new one narrows in on actual violations of the operation of the business' licensing. I've attached the filing to this email below for your perusal. Despite the property and business ownership taking contrary positions to the community, we must follow all laws and due process, regardless of the speed at which it moves, to appropriately close down problem licensees. We will continue to use every available law and method at our disposal on this and other problem licensees to provide a safer neighborhood. We appreciate your diligence on reporting problems, and your patience as we work on this case with Dinner and a Movie.

If you have any questions about the hearing, please feel free to stop by the office or call us at 773-248-1330 and ask to speak to Elizabeth or me.

Thank you,

Scott Waguespack

32nd Ward Alderman



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