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UPDATE 7/26/22: Dinner & A Movie, 2500 N. Ashland

On Friday, July 22, 2022, the City officially revoked the business licenses for Dinner and a Movie, located at 2500 N. Ashland, based on the Deleterious Impact (aka Public Nuisance) Ordinance. Residents should now see a bright orange sticker on the door stating that it has been revoked and this applies to all licenses the business held.

Our office works hard to support our local businesses and we enjoy seeing new ones open in the neighborhood. But, we expect the businesses, especially liquor license holders, to follow the laws and help maintain the quality of life that everyone in the community wishes to enjoy. Unfortunately, this business could not meet expectations of the liquor license code and quality of life issues were not addressed. I want to acknowledge and thank the many neighbors who participated in this process, from sending emails, to attending meetings, to testifying during the hearings. Your efforts made an impact on the outcome of this decision, and it is only with that participation that we are able to have a positive outcome in the hearings.

I want to mention two more things so that you are aware of what can happen moving forward:

  • The licensee does have the right to appeal the revocation decision, but they are not allowed to be open until a new decision is made. I have not heard that he has filed for appeal, but it's only been a few days. If I hear any news of an appeal, I will send an update.

  • As mentioned in my previous email, there is a 2nd case pending. To be clear, the case that was just won is based on community issues. Whereas this current case is based on license violations (see below). BACP is still planning to move forward with this case, but also will need to consult with the Law Department for next steps. If this changes, I will also send an update.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Elizabeth Gomez in my office by emailing her at or calling 773-248-1330.

Thank you,

Scott Waguespack

32nd Ward Alderman



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