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Updated Info from Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) Concerning Current Guidelines

The City has not altered any guidelines since the last update on March 25, 2021 and they would like to be able to continue moving forward. However, rising COVID-19 cases has everyone concerned that we may have to consider reverting back. This is why it is vital for businesses to continue enforcing COVID-19 masks, occupancy, and dining guidelines.

In a recent webinar presented by the BACP to discuss some commonly reoccurring issues in restaurants, bars, and multiunit buildings, such as:

  • Customers standing and gathering around the bar in close proximity to each other and without masks

  • Customers standing and mingling through a bar/restaurant with no mask and not seated at a table/bar

  • Residents throwing parties without masks and over the capacity limit for indoor gatherings

City officials are taking these issues very seriously and do not want to close down indoor dining again. They have issued violations to 470 businesses currently and will continue to do so if necessary. Owners of residential buildings and business owners are being encouraged to emphasize the importance of maintaining COVID-19 guidelines to their residents and staff. Read more about the meeting at Eater.

To view the City's most recent business guidelines, click here. In addition, you can also watch this Navigating Chicago's New Guidelines webinar.



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