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  • Scott Waguespack

Armitage Water Main Projects

Armitage, Western to Kedzie- The first crew connected to the existing 12” water main at the NE corner of Kedzie and Armitage and installed the water valve per plans. They will continue installation of the new water main between Kedzie and Humboldt Blvd. The second crew installed a total of 160’ of 12” pipe starting from NE corner of Humboldt Blvd going east. They will continue installation of the new water main between Humboldt Blvd and California.

There are no trees scheduled to be removed and no ComEd manholes to be relocated at this stage. There are no scheduled water service shutdowns for this week. West bound traffic on Armitage between Western and Kedzie remains closed until completing the installation of the new water main on the north side of the street.

Armitage, Paulina to Western- Restoration work will resume weather permitting to finish the remaining sidewalks and resurfacing the street.

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