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311 Requests

City services like street lights that are out, sewer clogs, and rodent control can be requested through our office, online by going to, or calling 311. You are always welcome to send the information to our office so we can get detailed information to our city departments.


Street & Sanitation Services

The Department of Streets and Sanitation provides a variety of services including garbage and recycling collection, street cleaning, graffiti removal, snow plowing, and tree maintenance.  The 32nd Ward’s Superintendent, Mr. Pedro Borrero works closely with our office to ensure these services are delivered efficiently. Please contact us to report any issues that require attention, or to submit a request, visit 311 Chicago.

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311 Chicago

Abandoned & Towed Vehicles
Blue Cart Recycling Program


Garbage Collection
Rodent Control
Snow Plowing

Sidewalk Shoveling

Street Sweeping Map

You can also call 311 for or visit the 311 website to submit a request.

Rodent Control

The Department of Streets and Sanitation needs the cooperation of businesses and residents to keep alleys rat free. Many of the rodent problems that are reported are highly preventable. You can help by making sure your trash is properly contained.  When garbage carts are securely closed, it helps to cut off the food supply and then rats will eat the poison that the Bureau of Rodent Control places in rat burrows. In addition to residents containing their garbage, dog owners need to clean up after their pets and make sure waste materials are disposed of in sealed containers.

If you see a rat or notice conditions that may contribute to rodent activity, please contact our office.

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Street Sweeping Map

Street sweeping starts April 1st and ends in November. During street cleaning days, vehicles cannot park on a specific side of the street in order to accommodate the street sweeper. Please always make sure to watch out for signs on your block so that you know when your street will be swept.  You can also print a copy of the sweeping map and keep it handy and share it with your neighbors.

Also, please help us keep sewer drains and curbs as clear as possible and remove any leaves from drain covers. Leaves may not be raked into the street for the street sweeper. Leaves left out in the street can clog drains and damage the street sweeper. Please bag leaves and place them next to your trash bins.


Blue Cart Recycling Program

The City's Blue Cart program provides recycling services to single family homes and multi-unit buildings with four or fewer units. Blue carts are picked up every other week.  In the 32nd Ward, section 2 (east of the river) is picked up by the city.  Section 3 (west of the river) is picked up by LRS. Paper, glass, and plastic can all be deposited into the same cart. Deposit recyclable materials loosely into your blue cart. DO NOT BAG THE ITEMS. Blue carts that have bags in them will be tagged and will not be serviced.

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There are many regulations regarding parking in the City of Chicago so always read signs before parking.

Moving Day No Parking Signs

No Parking signs for residential moves are available to 32nd Ward residents. To obtain these signs, please come to our office at least 24 hours in advance of the move with proof of residence. Parking signs are available for the hours between 6:00 AM-6:00 PM. Residents may not reserve space for more than one day at a time. Please note that these signs are not enforceable.


The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) also provides No Parking signs for residential moves. For a fee of $25.00, CDOT will provide enforceable signs (for ticketing or towing) for the day of the move. For more information on this program, please contact CDOT at (312) 744-4652.

Annual City Vehicle Stickers

City residents who own a vehicle are required to have a valid annual city sticker regardless of where the vehicle is registered. New residents and those who recently purchased a vehicle have 30 days to come into compliance.  City stickers are sold through the Chicago City Clerk's office. We do not sell city stickers at the 32nd Ward office. You can purchase a sticker at the following locations:

  • City Clerk office – 121 N LaSalle, Room 107

  • City Clerk satellite office – 5430 W Gale

  • Department of Revenue – 4445 N Pulaski

  • At most currency exchanges (service fee may apply)

  • Online


The city sticker is required for residents regardless of where the car is registered. For State of Illinois vehicle registration requirements, please click here.


Quick Links

Chicago City Clerk – Vehicle Sticker Information

Vehicle City Sticker Online Order Form

Vehicle Registration Requirements

Blue Cart Recycling

Residential Permit Parking

Certain streets in the 32nd Ward restrict parking to neighborhood residents. Vehicles parking on these streets are required to display a valid residential parking permit during specified hours. Only residents of zoned streets and adjacent buffer zones (streets that touch a street that has zoned parking) are eligible to purchase parking permits; no exceptions. Businesses are not eligible to receive residential parking permits. Click here to check if you are eligible for a residential parking permit.

Daily Residential Parking Passes (RPP)

Daily passes for guests of those living in zoned parking areas are available at the 32nd Ward office; we do not sell the annual permit. The City Clerk’s office has instituted several new requirements for people seeking to purchase daily passes. Please bring your Driver’s License, or a utility bill or lease if your license does not reflect your current address. We highly encourage you to bring an updated Driver’s License or State ID that reflects your current address as we are unable to update the City Clerk’s System.  We can send the Clerk’s office your proof of address and request that they remotely issue a customer code, but they may not issue your code until the next day.

Per the City Clerk, you must pay with a credit card or debit card; we cannot accept cash.

You are also able to purchase daily passes online at the City Clerk’s website if your Driver’s License or State ID matches your current address. Please be aware that once you submit your order, you will not be able to purchase additional passes for 30 days. As it may take up to 10 business days for you to receive your passes in the mail, you should purchase them in person if you need them sooner.


Quick Links

Chicago City Clerk – Residential Parking Permit Zone Lookup

Chicago City Clerk – Residential Parking Information

Chicago City Clerk – Online Order Form

Disabled Parking

Residential disabled parking was established to provide disabled city residents with convenient and accessible parking in front of their residences. Applications for disabled parking signs are available at the 32nd Ward office as well as online.

You may return the disabled sign application to the 32nd Ward office or mail it in to the Department of Finance. When submitting an application, please include a copy of your disabled placard or plate, proof of residency, and a $70.00 check or money order made out to the City of Chicago Department of Finance.

In order to apply to have a spot blocked off in front of your house, you must first have a disabled placard or plate. Disabled placards or license plates are obtained through the Illinois Secretary of State. Click here for the placard application.

Quick Links

Disabled Parking Sign Information

Disabled Parking Sign Application

Secretary of State – Persons with Disabilities Information

Secretary of State- Placard Application

Winter Parking

Overnight Winter Parking Ban

There is a Winter Overnight Parking Ban on many Chicago streets between December 1st and April 1st. This ban is in effect regardless of snow fall. In the 32nd Ward, this ban applies to Milwaukee Ave. Click here for a city-wide map of restricted streets.  

Two Inch Snow Parking Ban

A separate snow parking ban exists for snowfalls of two or more inches of snow.  Click here for a city-side map. 


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Department of Streets & Sanitation – Winter Parking Ban Information

Winter Overnight Parking Ban – City-Wide Map

Two Inch Snow Parking Ban – City-Wide Map

Parking Tickets and Towing

Our office is unable to get involved with parking tickets. If you receive a ticket, please read the directions on the back of the violation notice to see what you can do to either pay or contest it. For more information, you can call the Department of Finance at 312-744-PARK or visit their website. If you think your car has been towed, click here.


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Department of Finance

Department of Administrative Hearings

Search for Parking Tickets

Towed & Relocated Vehicle Information

Metered Parking

Water & Sewer Services

Chicago’s parking meters are operated by LAZ Parking. For a map of parking Pay-N-Display boxes, click here.  Always make sure to double check the signs on the street and machine you are using for specific rate and hour information; some meters do have to be paid on Sundays. There are three LAZ monthly parking lots located in the 32nd Ward at 3120 N. Greenview, 1530 W. Barry and 1635 W. Melrose.  For more information on monthly parking, click here.


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LAZ website

Map of Parking Pay-N-Display boxes

Rates & Hours

Image by natasha t

Water & Sewer Services

Senior Citizen Sewer Rebates

Rebates on water bills are available to residents 65 years of age or older. You must own and occupy the property to receive the rebate. There are two types of rebates, depending on whether you have a separate water bill or share a meter with other units:

01. Senior Citizen Water Exemption

If you have your own water meter and receive a water bill solely addressed to you, you may apply for the Water Department Senior Citizen Exemption. This will exempt you from future sewer charges on your water bill. Only buildings zoned as single family homes (and townhomes with individual water meters) qualify for the senior citizen exemption; buildings with 2 units, even if used as a single family home, do not qualify for either the exemption or the rebate.

To be eligible for the sewer service charge exemption, fill out the complete application here. More information is available on the Department of Finance’s website.

02. Senior Citizen Sewer Charge Refund

If you share a water meter and pay a water bill in conjunction with other units in your building or complex, you may apply for the Senior Citizen Sewer Charge Refund from the Department of Finance. The amount of the refund is $50.00 per calendar year. The rebate program only applies to condos, townhomes, and co-ops. You must file for this refund on an annual basis. Fill out the complete application here. More information is available on the Department of Finance’s website.

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