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City Hall Update

The City Council met this week to consider final approval of several housing development deals, police settlements, confirmation of the City’s new housing commissioner, and an ordinance providing for a comprehensive staffing analysis for the police department. There was also a late meeting vote to limit the number of dollar stores citywide. Aldermen O’Shea proposed the “dollar store” ordinance last year. The increasing number of poorly managed and maintained stores has created a nuisance in many West and South Side neighborhoods with residents unable to file complaints with any local management, and a proliferation of the stores in neighborhoods. Complaints ranged from unresolved trash issues, to selling of expired baby formula and other products. The ordinance addresses the proliferation of such stores by changing the zoning to stop new dollar stores from opening within one mile of another dollar store owned by the same company. It does not prevent stores of another ownership from opening in that same proximity. Second, the ordinance requires dollar stores to post a placard with store operators' contact information on the front of the business so people know who to call to register complaints.

The City Departments of Buildings and DCASE remain without Commissioners as both serving commissioners were suddenly fired last week without notice to Council or city employees.

The Council also celebrated Black History Month with several dignitaries recognized for their efforts in community building in Chicago. There are many events in the City to learn more about Black history in Chicago.


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