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CPS Update

As I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, the CPS School Board is making significant changes to policies in CPS school. When we were briefed by the CPS board on their plan for selective enrollment options termination, removal of police officers, and a reduced elected school board, my colleagues and I pushed back on the all or nothing narrative. The CPS board moved forward with their resolution in a unanimous vote yesterday. In response to the SRO removal, CPS will create a “Whole School Safety Community-Based Organization Steering Committee” for schools, that will engage with school leaders, labor partners, Local School Councils, and school communities to create the District’s new Whole School Safety Policy. As was stated by the CPS board, the LSC votes didn’t matter and the board has authority to override a vote of an LSC.

One good vote they took was to end the Aramark cleaning contract that has been not up to par for years.

CPS also released the academic calendar with schools starting on Monday, Aug. 26.

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