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Leavitt (Belden to Lyndale) Sewer Main Update

The Department of Water Management (DWM) recently completed the installation of a new sewer on this street. The street will be temporarily restored with concrete until complete restoration of the street with asphalt can be done. ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps will be repaired or installed where needed, along with repair of damaged parkway and sidewalk. The final restoration of the street will include milling the surface, placing new asphalt, and painting the street markings. New sewer construction is not complete until damaged sidewalks, parkways, and streets have been repaired. However, DWM does not assume responsibility for damage to privately installed parkway improvements, including sprinkling systems, fences, flower beds, and shrubbery.

The restoration schedule is subject to change and may be impacted by adverse weather conditions. Asphalt is not available during winter months, which may delay the final restoration of the street.


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