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Lincoln Avenue Streetscape Update

The Lincoln Avenue Streetscape project is nearing completion. The final resurfacing work will be conducted the week of July 24th and pavement markings and the reinstallation of streets signs will follow shortly thereafter. Please see the following summary of upcoming work between 7/24/23 and 8/4/23:

  • Ashland Ave, Belmont Ave, and Lincoln Ave are scheduled to be resurfaced the week of July 24. The final pavement markings and street signs will be installed after the resurfacing is complete.

  • Tree planting and tree grate installation has been completed.

  • The filling of the vaults on the corner of Belmont and Lincoln and two additional small vaults on Lincoln Avenue is ongoing.

  • Continuing Traffic Signal Installation.

  • Completion of sidewalk and curb and gutter on Belmont.



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