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LUCHA Virtual Workshops

LUCHA will be hosting a series of virtual workshops for Rogers Park, Albany Park, Humboldt Park, and Logan Square. Attached is the schedule and below are the dates and times for the workshops. While the workshops are targeted at specific community areas, any and all people can attend to learn more about CHA housing and waitlists opportunities (for both tenants and landlords).

Please share this with any residents that are seeking assistance with affordable housing.

Workshop Schedule for the Week of 01/18/2020

1/19 (Rogers Park) Affordable Housing Opportunities at 2:00 PM

1/20 (Albany Park) CHA Waitlist and Admissions at 4:00 PM

1/21 (Humboldt Park & Logan Square) Senior Housing Opportunities at 2:00 PM

1/22 (Albany Park) Senior Housing Opportunities at 11:00 AM

For more specifics or questions, please reach out to Juan M. Luna at 872-222-8936 or



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