• Scott Waguespack

Milwaukee Avenue Special Character Overlay District Planning Process Underway

Wards 1, 35, and 32 in conjunction with the City's Department of Planning and Development, participated in a meeting earlier this week for the development of a special zoning district for the segment of Milwaukee Avenue between Central Park and Western.

Special Character Overlay Districts are intended to enhance and preserve the unique physical character of properties within their boundaries, which are identified as overlays on the City’s zoning map. This planning tool, most often called Neighborhood Conservation Districts, was first recommended in the Department of Planning and Development's Green Healthy Neighborhoods Plan for the Englewood community area, and is used in many other cities in the country.

The project team, led by Site Design Group, will assist with formulating design guidelines for the overlay district in conjunction with residents and property owners. The process will include a series of stakeholder meetings and broader community engagement events.

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