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Note from Alderman

Many people rely on walking and transit as their primary way to get around, and without a wide, clear path through snow and ice, it is especially difficult for people with disabilities, seniors, and children to walk safely. What Is Your Responsibility in Removing Snow or Ice from the Sidewalks? According to the Municipal Code of Chicago (4-4-310 & 10-8-180), property owners and occupants are responsible for keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice. Read the city snow shoveling rules. Call 311 or use the online 311 portal for reporting uncleared snow. If you own a corner property, please make sure to clear the entrance to the crosswalk. Sidewalks cleared of snow sidewalks are safe for all.

If you can, lend a hand to a neighbor in need. If you know of a senior or disabled person in need give them a hand and check on them in the dangerously cold weather.

City offices and the 32nd Ward office will be closed for two upcoming holidays: Friday, Feb. 12th in observation of Lincoln's Birthday and Monday, Feb. 13th in observation of President's Day. Trash and recycling will be delayed, but picked up as soon as possible. Please take some time to clear your black and blue bins of snow so Streets and Sanitation workers can get to the trash or recycling. Bins piled with snow make it difficult if not impossible to move bins. Workers will continue to be in the alleys, except on the two off days, so please help them by prepping your cans for pickup. Thanks to the Streets and Sanitation workers who have worked to keep alleys clean throughout the pandemic and this snow.

The next Anti-Carjacking forum will be held by the 18th District tomorrow- Saturday at 2 p.m. The topic of prevention will be discussed, and as last time more details on the task force made up of city, county, state and federal agencies tackling the problem. The Zoom info for tomorrow is ID # 83507432553 and Passcode #053223.

Applications are now open for the 2021 CityArts Program, offering grants to artists, and nonprofit arts and culture organizations of all sizes. The application deadline is March 3, 2021 at 5:00pm. This year’s program includes opportunities to apply for general operating grants, as well as project grants focused on rebuilding and recovery across all artistic disciplines. Project grants will support initiatives that have the potential to impact the Chicago arts sector at large. To learn more and apply, visit here.

Alderman Scott Waguespack



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