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Note from the Alderman

Ticketing resumes August 1 for city sticker and residential parking sticker violations. Street sweeping has resumed as well, so please remove vehicles from posted streets and check your area on the map below.

If you have not yet taken their survey, Chicago Public Schools is asking parents to fill out the survey to provide CPS with guidance on the needs of parents and students as school resumes in the fall. Parents please take the survey here.

Please wear a mask to protect everyone. Health data from the IDPHand CDPH shows that Illinois is having a steady increase of COVID in several counties outside of Cook County . The City continues to track COVID increases, and new data is available here .

The City has modified the Expanded Outdoor Dining Program that will make it easier for bars, taverns and breweries affected by the latest rollback of the reopening guidelines to operate outdoors. Establishments that serve alcohol without a Retail Food License may apply to use this program to operate on the sidewalk and all restaurants and bars may use the permit in outdoor areas that would typically require an Outdoor Patio License.  Details for establishments are available through BACP and will be shared with all licensees. If you are patronizing an establishment of any kind, please wear a mask at all possible times.

The Chicago Dept. of Housing and Family Independence Initiative (FII) have started a second round of the COVID-19 Housing Assistance Grants of $33 million, to help impacted Chicagoans with rent and mortgage payments. You can apply here at the Chicago Housing Assistance Portal.

The Office of the City Clerk will be offering senior citizens services in a designated time frame on Tuesday, August 4th ,from 8-9 a.m at their Archer and Gale satellite locations. More information on those services is on the Clerk's website .

Don't forget to take the 2020 Census, and have a safe weekend,

Scott Waguespack, Alderman



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