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Note from the Alderman

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Yesterday, Sunday, August 9, 2020, there were several calls made to 911 b by concerned residents about a man with a gun on the block of 5700 S. Racine. After police responded to the call, the 20-year-old man allegedly shot at police. The police fired back a hit the man who is now in the hospital but under arrest. You can read in more detail about the incident here. This arrest incident led to the looting in our community and throughout downtown.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown held a press conference today stating that looting and riots took place last night were a result of rumors that police shot a "unarmed juvenile."

Many of you have called my office wanting to the most up-to-date information about the results of these acts and how it may affect you, your family, and your neighbors. I am working with the Administration and Police to make sure our communities are safe. I also understand the importance of the safety of our police officers who are tasked with providing for a safe and secure community, while working for justice and equality. Looting cannot be tolerated and CPD, the Office of Emergency Communications, and other departments have put significant resources together to fight any looting tonight. We are also asking for additional street or IDOT highway ramp closures where necessary to slow or deter criminal activity.

The Mayor and Superintendent of Police put together a Neighborhood Protection Plan while much of the public notice focuses on downtown. Chicago Police Department has ordered officers to work twelve hour shifts and canceled days off to allocate for additional resources throughout the city. Streets and Sanitation workers will be deployed to through neighborhoods to help deal with traffic and to assist police as well in blocking off major arterials and intersections of some business districts. Downtown access is temporarily restricted from 8 pm until 6 am - but this is not a curfew. Residents and workers have access during that time and businesses are allowed to be open (see below for full details). The Mayor also asked that felony cases sent to the State's Attorney be prosecuted. We are also asking for federal assistance in prosecuting cases that involve organized crime where criminals are crossing state lines or using any devices to commit organized looting or other crimes. As you recall in June, many of our neighborhoods were hit by criminal elements from Chicago, as well as Wisconsin, Indiana, and other states during organized looting.

In the 32nd Ward, the 14 and 19 Districts will ensure coverage in business corridors by deploying extra officers, including officers that will be patrolling on bikes and on foot in different neighborhoods. Each district will utilize their Strategic Decision Support Centers (SDSC) rooms to gather information while also being monitoring security cameras throughout the area. If you're interested in being part of the private/public camera system program, find out more about the Private Sector Initiative here.

Residents and businesses should call 911 and ask for assistance when seeing any indications of looting. I appreciate so many neighbors and business owners who help out during these difficult times.

For businesses, if you're not part of the Private Sector Initiative, consider joining. Please make sure to reach out to your police district CAPS office to make sure they have all of your up-to-date information so they can reach you if there is any type of problem at your business. In addition, if your business was hit, you can file a police report by calling 311.

I've included the police district contact information below. I would like to reassure you I am always working with the police and emergency response teams to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe. I, too, have made a choice to raise a family in the city and will do everything I can to help ensure the rule of law is followed and keep our families safe.

Thank you,

Alderman Scott Waguespack

32nd Ward


14th District

Lieutenant Jim Ciannella

2150 North California Ave

Chicago, IL 60647

Follow on Twitter: ChicagoCAPS14

Business Liaison: Chad Smith

19th District

Commander Chris Papaioannou

850 West Addison St.

Chicago, IL 60613


Follow on Twitter: ChicagoCAPS19

Board Up Resources

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