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OIG Report on Homeless Encampment Cleaning

The Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) has found success in rapidly housing encampment residents using a “housing first” approach via the Accelerated Moving Event (AME) program. The AME program—designed to streamline the process of moving people experiencing homelessness into housing—provides stable housing for many encampment residents. The program can serve as a potential model for other jurisdictions working with their own encampment populations. Regarding people experiencing homelessness who remain in encampments, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) concludes that the City performs outreach in an appropriate and productive manner. DFSS follows the City’s Policy and Procedures Governing Off-Street Cleaning. By doing so, it helps protect the property of people experiencing homelessness while leaving cleaner, safer environments for these residents and users of the public way. Importantly, DFSS does not carry out forced, permanent removal of encampment residents from public spaces. The report was released Wednesday and the Johnson Administration in the meantime has asked Sanitation Superintendents to cease cleanups. Where there are issues arising, we will continue to ask the departments to prepare to coordinate cleanups for the safety and well-being of homeless residents. Audit Report



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