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Prescott Elementary in the Top 10% Of All Illinois Schools, Top 5% Of All CPS Schools

Prescott Elementary School has once again received the highest “Exemplary” rating on the Illinois State Board of Education’s 2023 Illinois Report Card. Prescott is in the top ten percent of all public schools in Illinois for academic performance, and in the top 5% of CPS schools on the 2023 IAR (Illinois Assessment of Readiness), one of the most academically challenging state assessments in the nation! Prescott is the 2nd highest non-selective enrollment school in the district in ELA and the 13th highest in math. Prescott also received an “Exemplary” rating on the 2022 Illinois State Board of Education Report Card, indicating that students are continuing to grow significantly in academic achievement each year, thanks to the dedication and commitment of Prescott’s outstanding teachers, administrators, families and community partners. Congratulations to the entire Prescott community!



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