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Public Safety Updates 1/26/24

This week, I met with the Area Five CPD command staff who informed us of their latest and ongoing efforts to stem the tide of violent robberies in the north side districts. CPD has been coordinating with several county and federal agencies to make arrests, and have been utilizing the hard resources like federal agency helicopters to track and make the arrests.

CPD has made changes to their approach on these massive number of crimes, in particular armed robberies, burglaries of car mechanics and locksmith shops, and carjackings. Many of the crews committing the crimes are designated as Organized Criminal Enterprises and include both adults and juveniles, many who are repeat and repeat offenders.

Some of the obstacles that investigators continue to face include getting criminals charged by the Cook County State's Attorney's Office (CCSAO). Detectives do continue to process all vehicles and cell phones used in armed robberies or similar crimes and present them to prosecutors for the decision-making process on prosecution. Other challenges that continue to confront the law enforcement efforts tackling major robberies include lack of personnel and vehicles to do comprehensive investigations but also the lack of follow through charges from the CCSAO. All commanders asked for help from engaged community members to assist victims and neighbors to help make arrests. Commanders and detectives in the Area 3 districts have also been making the same effort, while using and sharing the same limited resources to counter the robberies and other violent crimes.

Our focus in the City should be to stop the crimes that lead to violence like we see with the murder of two young students in broad daylight in the Loop. Thanks to our officers and command staff who continue to be focused on the crime that affect everyone's quality of life in Chicago. 

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