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Request from South Lakeview Neighbors

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) could begin reconstruction of the Lincoln Belmont Ashland (LBA) intersection as early as the spring of 2021. CDOT indicated they will be asking for “final comments” on the plan before construction begins. South Lakeview Neighbors (SLN), working with other community groups, is trying to arrange a public meeting with CDOT with regards to the plans for LBA.

This process has been going on since 2015. Most recently, CDOT held a meeting in February of 2018 and promised another meeting to review comments presented by SLN and others. That meeting has yet to take place.

Why is CDOT rebuilding the intersection? Their first goal is to make it more pedestrian friendly and safe. It is SLN’s contention that while those changes will reduce the length of the cross-intersection walks, it does so by reducing the traffic that the LBA intersection can handle, over-restricts turns, and diverts traffic through side streets that are not designed to handle such levels of traffic, especially streets like Barry, Paulina, School, and Greenview.

SLN would like membership comments and observations before the “final comment” meetings occur. To that end, they have posted this as an issue for your review and posted three documents for your review: (1) a survey from 2019, (2) a memo for a meeting with Alderman Waguespack and (3) a letter to the Alderman. This has been going on since 2016, as documented by StreetsBlog Chicago in a summary article and in detail in an earlier piece.

Please review the information posted on the website and use the comments below it to add your comments and suggestions. They will present your input to both CDOT and the Aldermen.


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