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Sewer Lining Projects

This week, several sewer lining projects started in our ward. This project will rehabilitate the existing sewer the area without the conventional digging method. This sewer rehabilitation will minimize, if not eliminate, street cave-ins due to failure in old sewers. In addition, it will bring better drainage to your area and may help alleviate flooding during heavy rain.

The following information should answer questions you may have about the


Project Locations:

  • N. Talman from Logan BLVD (S) to W. Altgeld

  • N. Campbell from Logan BLVD (S) to W. Altgeld

  • N. Francisco from Logan BLVD (S) to W. Fullerton

Work Includes the following:

  • Cleaning and televising of the Main Sewer

  • Cleaning and televising of Catch Basin Pipes (drainage pipe from the structures on the curb-side) followed by lining

  • Catch Basin and Manholes structures will be lined

  • The Main Sewer will be lined, and the reinstatement of house drain services will proceed and must be completed to relieve the drains

  • The lined sewer will be televised to ensure that the work was done properly

What to expect:

During workdays, mobilization will start at 6:00 am. Actual work will begin at 7:00 am. Work is expected to be completed by 7 p.m. No Parking signs will be posted in the immediate area of work a day before any scheduled work. Residents are urged to move their vehicles away from the worksite to avoid being towed. It will be necessary to close lanes of these streets to ensure public safety during work hours. Equipment and materials will be on the street during the work. If necessary, detours and alternative bus stops will be posted.

A day prior to the main sewer lining, contractors will provide door hangers to inform residents of the work. During the main sewer lining work, to prevent odors in your home, please pour two to three cups of water into each basement floor drain. Please restrict your water usage as much as possible.

This project is expected to be completed by the Middle of December (weather dependent).

Any damages in the area as a result of the sewer lining work will be restored to its pre-lining state. However, the Department of Water Management does not assume responsibility for damage to privately installed parkway improvements, including sprinkling systems, fences, flower beds, and shrubbery. Sewer lining is not complete until damaged sidewalks, parkways, and streets have been repaired.

Should you have any questions of concerns, you can either ask the construction foreman during the project, the engineer on site or call any of the following numbers:

  • 24-Hour Service an Information line: 311

  • DWM Office of Public Affairs: (312) 744-6635



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