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After much controversy, Mayor Johnson re-signed a more costly contract with Shotspotter, a technology the Chicago police have used as a tool for alerting first responders to gunshots in a more specific area. Coupled with cameras and 911 calls, the technology has helped Chicago Police reduce violence in some areas. The technology helps officers manning CPD SDSC rooms in districts to get officers on scene more quickly and if available, monitor nearby cameras for criminal activity. Mayor Johnson decided not to renew the contract for Shotspotter despite CPD calls for the technology to remain. After abruptly canceling the contract, the Mayor reversed course and now cut a quick deal for $8.6 million to extend ShotSpotter for nine months, through the DNC convention. The $8.6 million deal he made for 9 months is costing taxpayers significantly more (5%) than the original annual cost. When Mayor Johnson cancels the contract in the fall, many aldermen are asking for new technology including new cameras to replace a terminated Shotspotter contract. 

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