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Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce Annual Aldermen Discussion

Thanks to the members of the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce for a great annual event this week hosted by Whirlyball on Webster. Moderator Elliot Richardson of the SBAC-IL asked aldermen several questions regarding the business community in Chicago and how we could work together to reduce red tape for business openings by streamlining permitting and licensing, and be advocates for business friendly legislation. Elliot and his staff worked with our office several years ago to improve and pass the A-frame business boards law and we have built on a strong legislative agenda starting with that ordinance. Some of the discussion also touched on crime and the damaging effect it has had on small businesses throughout the City. Along with our chambers like LPCC, we have advocated for more police patrols on foot, bike, and vehicle; advocated to change the retail theft threshold back from $1000 to $300, and pushed for police reforms like continued training of police officers in Crisis Intervention situations; and improvements in the CAPS program. The 18th District Commander was in attendance with the community liaison officers and LPCC continues to work closely with the local districts to improve safety for the whole community. For policy positions taken by the candidates for Cook County State's Attorney in the March primary, here was the most recent debate with a question related to businesses. Finally, your local chamber can be a great advocate for your business, so consider joining one in your neighborhood.


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