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Peoples Gas Project Updates

Our office met with planning officials from the city and Peoples Gas today to discuss PG projects in the area. Peoples Gas promised they will be making extra efforts to communicate with residents and businesses affected by necessary pipeline projects and in emergency shut off situations. We work with all of the utilities and government agencies that must be involved in any infrastructure work in the City to alleviate concerns and mitigate damages to surrounding infrastructure and have asked the private utilities to provide more frequent updates to users.

Two major projects on the working list at this time include:

Diversey and Richmond: A carry over from last year, the main has been installed and will be starting service work back up likely next week; we are waiting on permit renewals to see a resumption of work. Meter work will go through mid-May with restoration to be done by end of June 2021.

Leavitt and Belden (new project): Intersection work to be done ahead of sewer work. There is a February 16th deadline to complete and plans to start on February 8. There are 26 feet of a new 6 inch sewer main being installed here that has to be worked on. The Department of Water will pick up street restoration once they are done with their work.



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